Need help about excel f, t, test and anova

I am a chemist. I could not decide about which test to use in excel.
For example to validate a standart test method for my laboratory, me and my team make analysis, usually 10 analysis is in the same day and 10 more in following days. At the end all anayst have 20 results.

Then I am asked to do f and t test
I use excel function of =FTEST(...) and =TTEST(...) and compare with f and t table and compare the results and I could say analyst work together or they can not, one or more of them work more analysis to impruve his results

Week ago supervisor asked to add anova test to validastion reports. There are there anova test on excel and it beyonds me. I cant decide which one to choose and after that I don't know how to decide about results

I will be happy for suggestion.