Need help (ANOVA & ANCOVA)

I'm writing my dissertation and I used ANOVA and ANCOVA. After a lot of trouble, I'm finally writing the results. But I don't know how to put the values. Someone told me I should write "(ANOVA; F(x,y)= Fvalue, p= pvalue)". But what should I write instead of x and y? I thought x was degrees of freedom and y was number of cases, but when I run the software it gives me y= number of cases - 2. Please, help meee! XD


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Both x and y are (different) values of degrees of freedom. For example, if you're testing the difference between 2 population means (for 2 groups) then x = 2. And, if you had n1 (25) + n2 (25) = N (50) total number of subjects for the two groups, then the degrees of freedom for y is y = 50 -2 =48. You subtract off 2 because you have 2 estimates (i.e. 2 sample means) of two population parameters (Mu1 and Mu2).