need help desperatly: which test to choose


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Hi everyone, I need your help :confused:
I would like to compare the monthly income composition of people between two countries. The monthly income composition has been captured through family support, job source, public support.

I would like to answer two questions:
1) do the countries differ significantly in people's monthly income composition?
2) is there any statistical test to understand whether there is a dependence between family support on one hand, and both job source and public support ( theoretically speaking, i would like to understand whether changes in job source and public support would cause a similar change in family support between the two countries)



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Thank you for your availability.
I attached the data.
First, I would like to know whether the two countries differ significantly in the general distribution of monthly income.

Second, I would like to know if there is any statistical method/test to respond to the following question: does "family support" change as a consequence to changes in "public support" and "self earned income"?
Note that in the case of country 2, family/partner is very low and barely changes from situation 1 to 2, while in country 1, it changes as if to compensate for drops in "public support" and "self earned income".

I hope it's a bit more clear this way. If you need any elucidations I am here.
Thank you for your help!!!!!


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I beg your pardon, ssemingly I produced some misunderstanding - I didn't ask for a data file,
instead it would be useful if you provided some information on your research design,
i.e. how your study was conducted (were are the data come from, how were they
collected, what variables were included etc.), so that forum members here can understand
your problem better.

With kind regards