Need Help Determining Analysis for Likert Scale Data


I need help determining what analysis to run. I have 2 independent variables (a control and experimental condition) with 4 dependent variables (one scale with 4 subscales, each of which I assume should be treated as a dependent variable.)

This is Likert data (ordinal) so I thought I would be running some form of ordinal regression, but I cannot find one that accommodates 4 dependent variables. I know there is some debate as to whether I can run something like a MANOVA on Likert data, but I rather be true to my data type.

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This is a question that has been asked many many times and also answered many times.

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This is Likert data (ordinal)
Seemingly, you have Likert scales, each consisting of several Likert-type items? Treating such Likert scales as interval scaled data is quite common.

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I had to do a 2 group comparison using Likert data - used a two-tailed t-test in exel, you will need the means SDs, DF, I know there is debate about how to compare likert data - but this got me past a couple of professors so it wasn't completely the wrong thing to do.

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