need help for senior thesis/ NCHA data

I am doing a senior thesis. I will be using secondary data from the NCHA.
I want to see if there are gender differences in abusive relationships.
the three types of abuse 3 NCHA asks about are emotional, physical and sexual
I will do research on the relationships because that has to be in there but, statistically, i don't know what to do!! I was thinking of doing a chi square, but that doesn't show a relationship and the sample size is like 900... I want to use elementary statistics because I am no expert.

I will obviously be controlling gender.

I don't know what some confounding variables would be.

The NCHA is self reported
the % that are in the report are only for male/female doesn't account for transgender.

I have never done a project like this!! if someone can help me... I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!!