Need help inputting data into SPSS

I'm new to Talk Stats. I'm working on my dissertation - last stages of data analysis.

I have a question about inputting data into SPSS. (My stats classes were long long ago and I don't remember much!)

I am looking at course evaluations for individual faculty over the course of 4-5 semesters. I hope to determine that means from the last 3 semesters are higher than the first semester (the faculty participated in a professional development program and I want to see if it had an effect).

The problem is that I don't have individual cases to input; I have only summary data for each questions - essentially frequencies and percentages.

How do I put this into SPSS? What goes where? AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Thanks for any help!


sorry , i could not understand you but , i advice you , please read this book is very good:
SPSS for windows made simple release 10