Need Help: Kaplan Meier analysis


I have a large database and have generated KP curves for long term survival but there is not difference in overall/long term survival. Our goal is to evaluate if there is a difference in one year survival and looking at the curve, it looks like there is difference at 1-yr interval. I was wondering, how do I calculate the one year survival only along with CIs. Thanks. (using SPSS)


TS Contributor
If you choose your hypothesis after you have inspected the data and have spotted some intereresting pattern there, the p-value of the test tends to be meaningless. By eyeballing the data one implicitly performs a large number of non-formal "tests", but these preliminary tests are nowhere accounted for in the final analysis.

As a technical note, you could create new variables for status at year 1 and for survival time at year 1.

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