Need help ...lost, re: clinical research


First, let me thank you for looking at this post.

My question is we are trying to see the effect of X drug on fracture rate.
In the population (n=14), they all have different treatment regimens because they are different ages, furthermore, the treatment period (ie: how long they have been taking the X drug) varies from each subject. Because this population has a rare genetic disorder, we do not have controls, furthermore it is difficult to have the same treatment periods.

Right now, for each patient we have a list of all the fractures (location of fracture) since they were born, and corresponding drug treatments plotted against a timeline.

X Drug= 10/2004

How can we analyze the data? Because the current graph I have now...doesn't make much sense.
With only 14 participants, it's going to be hard to do much. Are you looking for a dose-dependent response, and do the doses of the participants vary over time? If so, you're not going to get anywhere with such a small sample size.

You're probably going to want to scale back your goals of this analysis. With trials involving hundreds of patients, all sorts of things can be investigated, but you're going to be extremely limited with only 14.

Try to be more specific about what you're trying to investigate. Are you trying to find a dose-dependent response? Trying to compare different treatment regimens? What specifically are you trying to investigate? I can try to point you in a general direction, but first I need to understand the questions that you're hoping to answer.
Hi Squareandrare, thanks for replying the post.

The doses of the participants do vary over time, IE: if they are starting on the drug when they are newborns (3months)... they are given smaller amounts. compared to when they are older (7 years) they are given more relative to what they had received before.

I don't think a dose-dependent response would be applicable here because we are not really using "different doses", it is the same treatment regimen, however, what makes the "doses different" is when the X starts the regimen and what age they are at the initial treatment.

(Hopefully this is making sense)

We are trying to see essentially, if they had less fractures once they started the treatment regimen. Unfortunately, not all the children were followed at the same hospital, prior to treatment. So, we can't really have a control.