Need help merging two files with multi-level data

Need Help Merging Two Files Into One

Hi all,

I am wondering what is the best way to approach to combine two data sets into one (if possible) OR how to run an analysis using the two.

Here is my situation:
1st Data Set: has 400,000+ cases of projects. There are around 30 variables attached to each project. Each project has one ID and is entered into the data set only once. (1 row per project).

2nd Data Set: has 70,000+ cases of partners for these projects (around 15 variables, mainly different from dataset 1). There is an ID column that identifies to which project this partner is attached to. There lots of cases where there are around 20 partners per project.

To illustrate the above:
- Project A (Dataset1)
----Partner 1 (Dataset2)
----Partner 2 (Dataset2)
----Partner 3 (Dataset2)
----Partner 4 (Dataset2)
----Partner 5 (Dataset2)

- Project B (Dataset1)
----Partner 1 (Dataset2)
----Partner 2 (Dataset2)
----Partner 13 (Dataset2)
----Partner 24 (Dataset2)
----Partner 55 (Dataset2)

Question: Is there a way to merge these two data sets into one?

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