Need help on deciding the analysis tests

Hello every one,

I am doing research in social science. i have following issue for which I need advise:

1. My sample is a snowball sample and thus non probability sample.
2. Sample size is 10
3. There are three major variables in my research; out of which 2 are independent and one is dependent on the other two.
4. Each independent variable comprises of 15-30 measurement items
5. Dependent variable is composed of measurement items.

Which statistical analysis technique (s) shall I apply to get the following:

a. To see how each independent variable relate to dependent variable?
b. How independent variables interact to relate with dependent variable?
c. Which one of the two independent variable is more important in relationship with dependent variable?

Any advise is gratefully welcome.

i looked at the site but it says


Thanks for reply. I looked at the site you mentioned but it says that for multiple regression atleast 40 is sample size required. My sample size is only 10 so what to do now?

look for your reply


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You can still do multiple regression, but you may not have enough samples to detect any significant may simply need to collect more data so that you can draw some valid conclusions.