Need help with a clinical analysis

I am a physician with minimal stats background. I had a stats question for the people on this forum.

We are measuring the "brightness" of multiple different types of cells in about 100 patients - we will get a mean value and a standard deviation. In some patients, the standard deviation is very narrow, others it is very large.

Our goal is to look at "brightness" over all of our patients - however, we wanted to give increased weight (importance) to values with a smaller standard deviation, since these are more accurate. Wasn't sure if there is a way to do this.


TS Contributor
is the cause of the high variability for some patient a variation due to the measurement method or is it an inherent property of the data?

Tecnically "accurate" means something like closer ro the unlnown true value so it suppposes that you have one fixed value for each patient. Is this really the case?