Need help with a statistics assignment


I need help with a statistics assignment,its 2 parts,ive done the first part on my own however as I am unable to do the second one and ask for help to anyone willing to help me. I am willing to pay anyone who could do the assignment for me. please contact me at:


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Generally we don't "do" assignments for students, but we're willing to help. Post your question here, and we'll try to point you in the right direction.

If it's too big and involved to discuss effectively in the forum, I do have a tutoring services post that you can look at.
I need help with my statistics assignment,details here !

I asked for help with a statistics assignment and u asked me to contact u on this address.

The main assignment is 2 pages long and given on paper, as I don't have a scanner I can't send it to you however if your willing to do it for me in return for money I'm willing to post it to you.

We've also been given 2 long practice questions online which aren't going to be graded. They are similar to the main assignment and are online. I could send you that and if you could do that for me, then I can study it myself and apply the same knowledge to the assignment. This would be of great help however I'd prefer the first method.

Please get back 2 me as soon as possible.