need help with ANOVA


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Hello everybody,
I am new to the forum and not well versed in statistics.
Below is a question from a reviewer from one of my manuscripts. I really need someone's help with what he/she is asking. The manuscript demonstrates concentration dependent effects of drug A on pieces of tissue. Increasing concentrations of the drug have been tested in each piece of tissue. I reported the data as % increase from control, pre-drug values. I analyzed the data using one way ANOVA followed by Bonferroni's multiple comparison test to detect significant differences between pre-drug values and each drug concentration. Is this corrects? What is the reviewer asking with this question?

"The stats for the anovas should be written out, e.g., F(x,y)=z"

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What the reviewer presumably means is to indicate your degrees of freedom with x and y, and the F statistic with Z.

It maybe makes more sense like this: F(DFn, DFd) = F.

So if you have 30 participants randomly assigned to one of 3 conditions, DFn = 3-1 = 2 and DFd = 40-3 = 37. And imagine the F statistic 4.05. Then you'd write

F(2, 37) = 4.05.

You might add the p value too, in which case you'd write F(2, 37) = 4.05, p = .026. (That's in APA style anyway).