Need help with question

Hye there.I'm new here and joined because needed help with some stats problems.I need help with a problem given below

S= 183+0.4122Yi-5926Gi
S= educational dollars spent per public school students in the ith state.
Yi= per capita income in ith state.
Gi= the % growth of public school enrollment in the ith state.

a. explain regression coefficient
b. write down estimated and econometric equations from above data.

Any help will be appreciated.


TS Contributor
the 0.4122 indicates the change in the S if you increase the y by 1 unit given that we do not change the g, i.e. we keep its effect constant. the same interpretation is for g.

The 183 is the intercept of the regression equation with the vertical axis (here the S), i.e. the S value when y and g=0
The eqonometric equations i do not know?