need help with statistical analysis

Hey guys! I'm working on my thesis at the moment and I'm facing some difficulties about the statistical analysis I should be using so I thought maybe someone could help.
So my topic is: the mediating role of maternal sensitivity in the context of post-partum depression and child attachment. As far as I know, I should be using a nominal logistic regression analysis (because my dependent variable-attachment- is a nominal one) for mediation but the complexity of it is really giving me a headache and the lack of info resources is not really helping.
So my question is: is there another analysis I could use? Possibly one that is more accessible and simple to use?
Or if anyone can quickly resume a "nominal logistic regression analysis guide for dummies" that would be great!


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Nominal dependent variables can be cumbersome. The book that helped me out a lot when I was first confronted with nominal DVs was Introduction to Categorical Analysis by Alan Agresti. I think you'll find the book well worth the investment.