Need some feedback on my online app

Hi everyone

My name is Iwan Bonnén from Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have a M.Sc in Maths and have also an Academy Professional degree in IT. I'm developing the online app mostly within the fields of medical statistics, biostatistics and epidemiology, but also statistics more general. I got the idea for the app from helping some nurses with a couse in BioStat & Epidemiology as a private tutor.

I could really use someone who can evaluate my project and give me feedback on the app: what is good/bad, what features are missing ...
I know that here are still many features missing for it to have usage in practice, but would something like that be at all useful for someone, either a learner or a teacher within the fields?

I'm also looking for people who would like to support the project, both financially but also by testing the features and give ideas to design, new functionalities etc.

Any thoughts, ideas, feedback is welcome. Positive and negative.

Hi. Sorry to hear that. Yes I was aware it isn't completely optimized for mobile yet. I'll look into that on first occasion.
Yes, your site looks great on a mobile! Congrats :) Sure, that would be great, I'll definitely do that tomorrow!
It's a bit late now for that here in Copenhagen, sorry ^^