Need some ideas

I need to present something, anything and if anyone has any idea what I can do with this data and how I can pitch it, it would be appreciated.

Column 1 - Age Column 2 - No of times visited airport Column 3 - Whether flight was departure, arrival or transit Column 4 - How flight was booked Column 5 - Class of Travel Column 6 - Types of Extra Services used Column 7 - Anual Income Column 8 - Gender Column 9 - Country of Origin

and of course total money spent.


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Present to whom? In which context?
Who collected the data, what for?
Which topics will the audience possibly be interested in?

if anyone has any idea
1.) Descritive statistics, univariate: Frequencies; Means/SDs or Medians of Variables.
Graphical displays perhaps (e.g. box-and-whisker plots; bar charts for means+SDs; histograms).

2.) Associations between 2 variables: Crosstabulation. Comparison of group means/SDs. Correlations.
And according graphical displays, perhaps (bar charts for comparison of rates between groups;
comparison of means or medians between groups; X-Y-scatterplots...).

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