Need to Confirm Statistics before coding a script

I actually have 2 statistic questions.
My goal is to determine what all the exact combinations are of answering a multiple-choice quiz of 5 questions with 4 multiple-choices options to choose 1 answer. I have determined there are 1024 combinations because each question is answered 4 ways to the 5th power.
First question:
1. I want to fill in a table that displays all the combinations of answers once. Am I correct in thinking I need to figure out how many combinations one specific answer is picked so I can define the exact number of times a unique value is chosen?
My second question:
2. After one specific answer has been picked for all the possible unique combinations I want to prevent duplicates and keep from choosing that answer again. I can either make the previously picked answer an exception or exclude it from the possible answers for that question. So I can display the chosen values in the correct number of rows, I need to know if I will have the same number of values as the first answer picked in question 1, or because the number of answers to respond to the first question is reduced from 4 multiple-choice to 3 multiple-choice, will this affect the number of outcomes? My first guess is no, since I still have to pick one answer for each of the 5 questions. I guess it just improves the odds by reducing the sample/pool to choose from.
Hope my explanation makes sense!
Any help with this is greatly appreciated!