Need to find data | Repeated-measures/split-plot ANOVA


I'm going crazy trying to find a dataset that is similar to the following:

Gender = 1, 0 (fixed)
Noise Level = None, Low, Medium, High
Performance Time = based on noise level (continuous)

I'm just looking for a dataset that uses two categorical variables and then a continuous variable. I've looked at so many different datasets and can't seem to find something that is similar to this. Do you guys have any ideas?

Thank you so much!
Can't you just cook up the data set if you do not care where the data come from? What is the ultimate purpose of the data set? Is it having something to test your code on, or is it something more serious?
It's for a research project so I would like to have the data be meaningful. I have the coding for this type of data so it would just be easier if I was able to replicate it with the same type of model. It's really challenging finding this type of data. I've gone onto a bunch of sites, but it's not really psychological. More with the census, health, etc.. Thanks for replying!