Need to get statistical data from High (1) & Low signals (0)

Part of my science fair school project involves statistical analysis of the data collected.
My data collected has values similarly to that listed below:

Column B is the dependent variable that has a digital pulse of 0 or 1.
Any suggestions on how statistics can be applied to data of the following form? Need to satisfy this requirement before turning the project in. Any help or pointers would be of great help.

Column A Column B
0.0 0
0.1 0
0.2 0
0.3 0
0.4 0
0.5 0
0.6 1
0.7 1
0.8 1
0.9 1
1.0 1
1.1 1
1.2 1
1.3 1
1.4 1
1.5 1

In other words, What statistical analysis would be good to analyze this data/ In the above case the threshold was set at 0.6, So the output started showing up as 1 after that.
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Trying to get a handle on that myself, but little lost. I havent done any stats courses yet in school, so trying to understand what kind of statistical data can be derived form the above.


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No, Dason is asking is what the actual scientific question your project is suppose to answer! You should know that along with your hypothesis before conducting the experiment.
Can physical safety be ensured with a sensor? - the question that we are trying to answer.

I am having Discrete values (0 and 1) for my output. 0 means the sensor doesnt get activated, 1 means the sensor does get activated.

What kind of statistical analysis can be done with discrete values?
To restate my ask, I am looking at different types of statistical analysis based on the discrete data I had posted earlier. What are my options?


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Not really. You haven't really told us anything and your data isn't very informative. Best of luck but without actually going into more details about what you're interested in (keeping in mind that we aren't you so we don't know what assumptions you're making) I don't think we can help anymore than we already have.
Thanks for the responses so far. I tried my best to answer all the questions, showed the data, stated the question and explained that there are 2 discrete values on one of my columns (HIGH or LOW) which are dependent on the Column A (which is the voltage). And my question was what kind of statistical analysis can be done on discrete values..
I presume what I provided wasnt sufficient. Is there any other question I should answer to get help here?

My question really was about which Statistical measures can be applied for binary data.