Negative statement in hypothesis testing


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I believe that the something 'X' is being used less because of lack of money (or I believe it is the scenario)

So, to test it using a survey, I formulate the hypothesis,

Lack of money has negatively impact of use of X. (lack of money is independent variable and use of x is dependent)

And also survey questions for that:
q1: there is lack of var1 (v1 is related to lack of money or variable of construct "lack of money")
q2: there is no of var2 (v2 related to lack money)
q3: concerned by v3 (v3 which related to money)

Is it right hypothesis setting?

I am bit confused as I don't to mean "money" is negatively influence "X" rather want to say, "lack of money" is negatively influences X.
is saying,
money positively influences use of X and
lack of money negatively influences use of X
same thing? I don't thing so based on motive.

The survey questions are also negative.

Any suggestions?
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