Net Promoter Score - Calculating Confidence Intervals and Margin of Error


In my sample of 1162, I have 291 Promoters, 476 Neutral and 395 Detractors. I therefore have an NPS of -9.

We have calculated a confidence interval of 4.4.

Question : Should this be reported as -9 +/-4.4, or is the confidence interval the entire range, in which case it should be reported as -9 +/-2.2 ?

Question : How does margin of error relate to confidence interval ?


I checked the Net Promoter Score using an free NPS Calculator and your example figures. I also get the NPS of -9 ( 34% detractors, 41% passives, 25% promoters).

But how did you calculate a "confidence interval" :confused: ?

A confidence interval is an interval, not a number. Your confidence interval is not 4.4.

Please show your data and your steps and then I will be happy to show you how to obtain your confidence interval.


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In reference to Krisstain's post, the CI is typically presented xx(95% CI: xx, xx), xs represent your actual numbers.

Some one may mistaken your current presentation as a standard deviation.