New here, looking for some help

Hello everyone, I am new here and am looking for some help. Hopefully you guys can help me and I can stick around and help some too.

So I did a couple of stat problems and was just wondering if everyone can check my answers for me. Thanks in advance!
1) The monthly power usage in a rural area is given by y=2.7+1.01x. Where y is the number of kilowatts used and x represents the number of months since January 1, 2000 (Let Jan. 2000 correspond to x=0). What is the estimated monthly power usage for December 2002?

I got 38.05 kw, is this right?
2) A linear regession was conducted on the following data points. A(1,11), B(3,7), C(5,2), D(7,1), E(9,-2). The residual for which point has the largest absolute value?

I got point C, is this right?
3) A student computed the least squares regression line and found that the correlation coefficient was 0.83. In checking her answer she found she had switched the dependent and independent variables. She then computed the regression line using the correct order. What is the new correlation coefficient?

I said that it would stay 0.83, is this right?

Thanks for any help I get!