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Hi Everyone.

I'm Junior from London and I need your help regarding SAS :yup:
Im a sales analyst for a chocolate brand and I want to move on with my career, all the jobs that attracts me require SAS experience...but got no idea what it is (well I know that it s a analytical tool)

anyone got the same experience and took the SAS training?



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SAS is a statistical software (although it will do things like SQL and Six Sigma as well). There are seperate SAS Data Mining modules that do business information analysis. They are very popular, but not what you will see on this board much (which tends towards statistics).

A couple of suggestions.

1) The Little SAS Book (or Little SAS Book for Enterprise Guide) is helpful to start. I have never found a really great SAS book on statistics or analysis; DATA ANALYSIS USING SAS ENTEPRISE GUIDE by Meyers, Gamst, and Guarino is as good as I have seen. The internet has a good deal (but it takes a while to find it) and you can read the documentation. The documentation is very useful, but there are thousands of pages per topic often and finding what you need can be slow.

2) I strongly reccomend Enterprise Guide for statistics (and graphing). It won't do everything that SAS does, but much of what it won't do you won't need unless you are doing high end statistics. It is far easier to use the GUI to run statistics, generate graphs, and run SQL than coding.

I learned SAS over the last five years, after a career in academics then business. I will be happy to answer any questions on it I can. One thing for sure, doing it is the only way to learn it.