New Student need help


I am a new student in statistics and any help will really appriciate. I am doing my assignment and one of the question was about level of measurement in which the data is given for age. For example 25, 45, 44.67,87,98 and so on. I am thinking that age will come in interval level but getting confuse when reading about ratio measuremnet.

Could you please help me to decide that age will come in interval or in ratio?


TS Contributor
Age is a ratio level of measurement.

Remember, in a ratio level, there is a true 0 point which represents an absence of the attribute. With age, that 0 point is at the moment we are born.

As another example, temperature is an interval level measurement because although we can say that the current temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, it is an arbitrary spot on the scale, and does not represent the "absence" of temperature.