New to SPSS, hoping for help!


I'm pretty new to SPSS but I have a project I'd like to work on, would anybody be able to advise me on which tests to run so I can look for an instructional video?

I've got my beekeeping records from this year and a few colleges' sheets. It has data about how much honey we've had produced this year.

I've also used digimaps to find the area of oilseed fields planted this year within a mile from our hives.

I was hoping if I could find a test to tell whether a larger area of oilseed nearby has a statistical relationship to how much honey we've produced.

What should I be looking into?

Any information would be great! Thank you!


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Thank you for introducing an interesting topic (for a change here).

This is not a software-specific (SPSS) question, AFAICS.

And I don't know what you expect if you are looking for a "test".
A decent descriptive statistic would be valuable, as a starting point.

Could you describe your data in some more detail? What is
the unit of observation (e.g. single beehives? distinct areas
with beehives? etc.), and how large is your sample size?
I do not understand "I've also used digimaps to find the area
of oilseed fields planted this year within a mile from our hives."
in full detail - what are the actual data you want to use?

Maybe you could try to descibe your project as if e.g. for
your mother.

With kind regards

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Thanks for the reply, Karabiner!

I can certainly describe my data a bit more!
The units I'm looking at are "frames of honey produced over a year" so for last year i got 14, and my colleges 18, 15 and 11. (though i'm hoping to ask more people later if that changes anything?)

Next is the "area data" which basically means I went on a google maps type website, found which fields were growing Oilseed rape last year, and found out how large the fields were.

so, for example, I got 14 units of honey, and there was 809472.2 square meters of oilseed within exactly 1.5 miles of my hive.
One of my friends got 18 units of honey and he had 1063745.8 square meters of oilseed within exactly 1.5 miles of his house. and so on.

If I had enough of those I thought i might be able to use a descriptive statistic to give me an indication whether the amount of oilseed is probably having an effect on the amount of honey we're each getting?

I know it probably doesn't need SPSS, but I was hoping to use this little project to get me started learning how to use it. but if you think i'd be better off with excel first then I'm happy to start somewhere!

Thank again!


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You could create an X-Y-scatterplot with units of honey and square meters of oilseed as X and Y variables.
The association between honey and oilseed can be expressed as a correlation. I would suggest that you
use the Pearson correlation and also the Spearman rank correlation coefficient (the first expresses the
degree of linear relationship, the latter the degree of monotonous relationship). With only n=4 data
pairs, formal tests will not be useful, because statistical power is too low.

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Hi I'm no expert but I found this video useful for my own investigation, it's about 15 minutes long and its on Linear Regression in SPSS:

I am probably a bit late to the party now that I check the date...