New to TS : Psycho_Coder

Hello Reader,

I would like to introduce myself before the community.

Name : Animesh Shaw ( a.k.a. Psycho_Coder on different forums )
Country I live in : India.
Work : An undergraduate Computer Science student and Upcoming Graduation in 2015.
Programming Languages : Java, Python.
Other Languages Known : C, C++, PHP.
Programming Experience : 20 months
Fields of Interest : Computational Linguistics and Data Science.
Currently Learning : R

About Me

Already you have an overview about me by reading the above. I am new to statistical learning and data analysis concepts, I have been taking courses on machine learning and data analysis on coursera. About books, I am reading the following, for machine learning I am referring the book by Tom Mitchel and the book Bayesian reasoning and Machine Learning. For R, I got a book named "An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R" and "Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R"

Since I am new to this field I would like to know whether my approach towards learning the subject properly, is correct or its erroneous. I am very passionate about learning and hard working. I would like to have some guidance. I am not a noob when it comes to being in a community. I have into into many well known Ethical Hacking forums for more than 18 months and hence I know what it means to be in a community.

I suddenly stumbled into this community from somewhere and found it very nice. I wish to learn from everyone and help others and contribute to the community when I gain proficiency in this field.

Last thing I wanna know is that, are there any tutorial threads on TS ? I am mean sure there would be but any thread that contains the links to other tutorial threads. If you can you please list them. I haven't found it yet, though I need to continue searching.

EDIT : On searching for tutorials, I found some nice sticky threads. They look good :)

Thank you,
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