Newb saying hi

Im pretty new to R, been using SAS for years, STATA before that. I plan on having some R questions here in the future when i exhaust searches. just saying hi. a guy at a stats conference here in Sacramento referred me here yesterday and it sounds great. _jonathan



Glad to have you aboard Jonathan. Could you tell us a little more about yourself? What areas of stats do you work with most frequently? What are some of your favorite areas of stats to play with?

How do you like R thus far?

Here are some resources we've compiled in a thread for R users:

R Thread Resources LINK (click here)

We look forward to you being part of the Talk Stats community!



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Hey Jon. Didn't even notice you posted. There's a "new member introduction" thread or forum or something (one of the lower forums listed on the front page) for introductions. Dason may migrate this thread over later if/when he notices and, you know, moderates lol

There's a lot of R fans here. Your knowledge of SAS may prove useful if you stalk the SAS forum. Didn't you mention you're interested in data mining in R? One of the ideas I had from one of the talks yesterday was with regards Twitter (and Facebook). They both have excellent web API. In particular, I'm thinking about doing word (data) mining. R has some utilities for this, like word clouds and such, but I wonder if Trinker wouldn't be interested in exploring this topic. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to language data, I turn to him! It might also prove a good resource for exploring data mining and large data set techniques in R.

If you've never done anything with web API, I've got a number of examples floating around TS and my website: It's powerful stuff!

BTW, once you get 150 comments, you'll be able to view the chatbox on the front page where we in the community like to talk about cornbread and raptors.


Yeah there's a nice R base of core members here here but there's a lot of stats and sas questions form in the threads so added expertise from members here would be a nice addition.