Newbie from belgium

Hello everybody,

My name is Steve. I have developed an ULM aircraft engine, and now need some help on statistics. I'v got a lot of meisering data, and want them to be useful for me.

Hope I find here some help.


Hey Rautje (Steve), pleased to have you aboard.


What is your experience with stats? What are you looking to use stats to help you with? Is this airplane engine a work venture or something you do for fun in your spare time :D
Hi Rautje!

I just read a post when someone asked why his previous posts had not been answered.

One reason can simply be that the post was not understood, for example because of abbreviations. Or that someone is using expressions that are completely obvious for them but not for others.

For example some Americans here on this forum seems to use every day expressions that the rest of the world are not familiar with. Of course these posts will be ignored by two thirds of the participants.

I hope that we can help and understand each other.

What is ULM?
@GretaGarbo : ULM is the flying of lightweight, 1- or 2-person fixed-wing aircraft, also called microlight aircraft in the UK, India and New Zealand. Max of 750 kg.

@trinker : The engine is a spare time project cause I don't like the carburator engine's who are offered. And I know something about regression and how to program stuf like that...