Newbie in Australia

Hi all,
I am a PhD student in Computer Science living in Australia. I am writing my thesis and I have somewhat average skills on statistics. I am sure I'll have many questions, but I'll also respond other questions when I can. So see you around!


Phineas Packard
Welcome. Nice to have another Aussie. Which university are you studying, what statistical packages do you use, and what sorts of statistical models do you run?
Hi Lazar,
I am in Melbourne, at RMIT University (though I come from Mexico). I've learned to use R during my candidature and normally I use statistics to analyse agreement between assessors and correlation between automatic computer systems and humans. I usually analyse linear models of data.
Thanks Lazar! I've enjoyed my stay in Australia very much, though I don't think I'll be able to wander around any more while writing the thesis! :D