Newbie question


I hope this is the right place to post this question. Sorry, I have little knowledge of stats, so not sure where to start.

I am looking to compile some Forex trading results and statistics so I can interrogate the results a little further.

Ideally I would like a little help to point me in the right direction for some software, ideally free, that will help with the task. I am happy to learn whatever I need to get through this, but I do start from a point of no previous statistics education.

I have manually collected data about individual trades, with variables such as time, pip size, atr, etc. And have listed win, lose, breakeven as the eventual outcome.

I would like to add all this data into some software, that will simply allow me to filter the outcomes, based on either individual, or multiple variables. E.g. xx time + xx size = xx% win/lose rate.

I was looking at Salstat software, but was unsure if this would fit the bill.

All and any guidance of where to start would really be appreciated.



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R will pretty much do any statistical calculation if you are willing to learn the code. If you just want to filter the data Excel (perhaps with pivot tables) works fine although it is not free of course.


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I second the R recommendation. Very powerful and there are many packages to deal with trading data.

I had never heard of SalStat and when I looked at their page: I noticed the last release was over 10 years ago so it sounds like it's not being actively maintained.
Thank you both for recommending R. I've made a start learning the code. Much to learn no doubt, but R looks like a good way forward.

Btw, I was looking at Salstat2. The developer has a few instructional vids on YT, but otherwise documentation seems limited.