Newbie ...stats analysis of research survey using excel


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I am doing my Masters having not done any stats for 34 years , so I would like your help

I have undertaken by survey , I have codified by data into numerical data by assigning a number to male or female , and age groups

I am through the basics such as counting the data doing the graphs , working out mean , median mode and standard deviation.

i feel i need to take it to the next level , so I am going to attempt correlation and Chi squared

Question 1

My third question is one where participants have to rank 5 objectives with number one being the most importunate and number 5 being the least important

I want to try to assess the correlation between age and the choice of ranking or years or membership and their choice of ranking

Data (Gender) age years of membership ranking of first statement

1 1 1 1
2 1 1 1
1 3 2 2
2 3 2 3

What i want to understand is whether the age of the participant(b) had an impact on ranking of the first statement ?

Question 1:Is this approach correct ?

Do the chi squared to understand if there is a relationship between age and ranking of the first statement ?

If there is a null relationship then stop , if there is a relationship

Then do correlation and regression to understand the nature of the relationship ?

Question 2

Chi squared


slightly confused about how what to include here

R1 = years of membership ( column C )

R2 .... do i need to convert the ranking into something else ?

Ok I have more questions but that is the starting point

Thank you