Next step after my MANOVA

Hi everyone, sorry if this is a stupid question!

I am doing a study into the effects of sleep deprivation on risk taking. I have one independent variable which is sleep deprivation and three dependent variables which are all measures of risk taking (Risk Score, Hazard Perception Score, and Sensation Seeking Scale score).

To analyse the data (in SPSS) I have used a MANOVA with the fixed factor set as the groups tested (2 groups: control group non-sleep deprived and the test group who are sleep deprived) and the dependent variables set as the ones mentioned above.

The results of the MANOVA indicate that the groups tested do have an affect on my dependent variables (as a whole and separately). If what I have done so far is correct (big if) what should my next step be as I would like to know what this affect is, I'm thinking perhaps a Pearson's correlation or linear regression?

Thank you for your time and help!