No academic support with my dissertation :( - statistical analysis

I've tried posting this in r/Ask statistics - but the replies are too technical so far. I really don't know what I'm doing. I am reading a lot on the subject but I can't understand a lot of it and I have no support frommy university as my dissertation was deferred so its now summer. - I've also never studied or taken a module on statistics.

Here is the link to view a table of my variables if that helps!:

I have been writing up the methodology for a Bsc dissertation. I am investigating whether a soil amendment called biochar improves plant yields and affects soil nitrates and soil PH (with and without the amendment) - but also how different watering regimes affect the results. I have two groups:Biochar and no Biochar (B1 and B0). Within these I have three water treatments each (interval variables) - plants receive 20ml, 40ml, 80ml (w0,w1,w2). So a total of 6 subgroups that are replicated 8 times (n=48). For each of these I am testing the three different dependent variables (that is: yield, PH, nitrates).

I have so many variables and I'm not the most mathematically minded person. I was wondering if someone could advise whether my design is a completely randomized design or a randomized block design-? I don't view biochar to be a nuisance variable - it is categorical (I believe-?) but still an important factor. To make it a bit clearer I've produced a table of all the variables and another of the relationship between biochar, water and plant yield.

In addition I am trying to work out my statistical analysis. The analysis to address the relationship with just plant yield. IV:biochar (categorical) and water (interval) DV: yield Should I use multiple regression? due to two IVs (one interval and one categorical)
Or do I split it up and do a test for biochar, under water regimes, on yield. then another on no biochar, under water regimes, on yield. Then do the same for biochar, water treatments and nitrate etc. This would be just one IV variable (water, interval) - Two way Anova? Not quite sure if two or more levels means w0,w1,w2
Any help would be really appreciated!

But then how to I look at the whole effect of biochar on plant yield, (by taking in all the dependent variables and seeing if there is any link as a whole)-MANOVA? :/ I'm not sure I can do this I think I might fail -
no one is going to answer this question formulated like this, people are professionals here; try removing the childish emoticon faces, maybe someone will pay attention to you.