no interaction but moderated mediation?


my ANOVA analysis shows me that I have no interaction between my moderator and IV.

Is it still possible to test for a moderated mediation?

Because I read: "James and Brett (1984) gave
another perspective that “moderated mediation could occur when a moderator independent variables interaction
is observed (because of differences in independent variables to mediator and/or mediator to dependent variables
paths) or when no moderator independent variables interaction is observed (because different mediators create
the same magnitude of effect or a mediator operates at some levels of the moderator but direct effects occur at
other levels)”

What do you think?
thanks for your answer!

I have to check a moderated mediation.

My prof told my first to use a manova to check the assumption of a moderated mediation. So I put my moderator and IV as factors and both mediators and both DV in my MANOVA model.


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Cool. Unfortunately I have never come across one of these myself. I usually refer people to the work of Tyler Vander Weele at Harvard. I will see if anyone else is savvy in this area.

Can you describe those two boxes on the top? Do the lines go to both boxes on both sides?