Non-pairwise comparison - combining variable levels

Ive searched forum for similar thread but couldnt find it, if there is an identical topic, please let me know

Ive got an independent variable Education with 4 levels: Primary, Highschool, Undergraduate and Postgraduate. And I have to compare Primary & Highschool vs Undergraduate & Postgraduate on how fast they used google search to obtain required information. The hypothesis is that the group means are equal.

My problem is I don't know how to combine the levels of the Independent Variable, so that the One-Way ANOVA would compare for me Primary&Highschool vs Under-&Postgraduate on their performance?

Sure I can do all vs all but it wont answer my hypothesis

Ive tried "Select Cases" and "Split file" to generate new factor and put it as IV but I either Ive done it wrong, or the whole thing requires different method in SPSS.

Any help?


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Why don't you just create a new variable with (e.g.) code "1" for
Primary & Highschool and "2" for Undergraduate & Postgraduate?

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