non-parametric repeated measures effect sizes, help requested


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Hi, I'm a university student from NZ.

I'm currently attempting to establish effect sizes for non-parametric repeated measure variables.

amongst other material I have read:

Dominance statistics:Ordinal analyses to answer ordinal questions (1993) by Norman cliff (psych bulletin, 114(3), 494-509.


Hedges & Olkin, (1984) Nonparametric estimators of effect size in Meta-analysis, Psych Bulletin, 96(3) 573-580.

but have become somewhat bogged down. I was wondering if there was 1) a more straightforward description of the techniques used to establish effect sizes with repeated measures non-parametric data, 2) some worked examples or 3) some hitherto undiscovered (by me at least) functions in spss/excell that will do it for me.

thanks for your time.