Normal Distribution?


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I have a fairly large sample size of tenants and their average length of stay. When I try to put the data into a histogram, I don't seem to get a normally distributed data set because there is a large number of tenants that stay a short time period and then I have another large number of tenants that have stayed for a very long time. The distribution looks binomial. I tried to adjust the bins but the difference between the short term tenants and long term tenants is vastly different.
Here is what I get when I do a Descriptive Statistics with excel:
Mean 391
Median 160
Mode 30
Standard Deviation 653
Sample Variance 426978
Kurtosis 23
Skewness 4
Range 8506
Minimum 8
Maximum 8514
Count 56955
Confidence Level (95%) 5

What sort of other statistical research tools can I use for a sample size that shows a binomial distribution, in order to expand my analysis?

For example, I would like to find if there is a correlation with the Price the tenants pay and their length of stay.
Or if the size of the discount the tenants received would cause them to stay longer?

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.


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The correct term is bimodal. Try finding the factor(s) that explains why there are two distinct groups. That may or may not be a factor within your control (e.g., starting a family and needing a larger place) . If it is in your control, use it to move more from one group to the other. If it is not, look for these correlations within each group, not across the entire sample.