Null and alt hypothesis

Hi, I am very new to anything even remotely to do with statistics. I have 3 questions that I need to get the null and alt hypothesis for. I've done a bit of google searching and am fairly sure I'm right, just lacking confidence. I'm not sure this question even falls under statistics and realise how basic this is but If anyone could let me know if I'm correct or not it would be greatly appreciated.

1. Do birds become less bold with the progression of flightlessness?

null - The birds do not become less bold
alt - The birds do become less bold

2. Do birds show greater boldness with increasing group size?

null - Birds do not show greater boldness with increasing group size
alt - Birds do show greater boldness with increasing group size

3. Does the number of birds to first approach influence the total number that approach?

null - First approach does not affect total approach
alt - First approach does affect total approach

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Mean Joe

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Looks okay.
Don't be afraid to ask, because if you don't get this stuff then you will be flying blind when it comes to p-values.


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You seem to understand the concept. I will follow-up with if this is a real project, how would you measure/quantify these. Such additional information can then be incorporated into the hypotheses.