Null Hypothesis - Alternative Hypothesis - T-test

Dear Stats-friends!

I have an issue with formulating the null hypothesis, the alternative hypothesis, and performing the appropriate t-test (one/two-sided test). However, I understand that where the question is clearly formulated in one direction, a one-sided t-test should be performed; where the question is formulated without implying a particular direction, a two-sided test should be performed.

I use R software for analyzing the data and that works just..I am not sure with the Null and Alternative Hypothesis for the following statements (data is about Brexit, to give you understanding):

(a) Voters who voted “remain” are less supportive of Nigel Farage than those who voted “leave”.

(b) Voters are more certain about what would happen when staying in the EU than they are when leaving the EU.

(c) The certainty of what would happen when the UK leaves the EU
differs between those who votes “leave” and those who voted “remain".

Please, could you help me/explain how to formulate the Null hypothesis and Alternative hypothesis?

Regarding the t-test I assume, for:
a)one-sided t-test
b)one-sided t-test
c)two-sided t-test

Thank you for any help in advance!!