Odds of rain in March

Hi TalkStats!

I have a problem that I was thinking you all might be able to help me with. I know that it typically rains 5 out of 31 days at a particular location. If I were to recalculate the odds for 2 more days, how would I do that?

Day one the odds would be 5/31, but I know it would not be 5/30 on the second day. I'm a bit rusty on my stats here.
Basically I want to know the chances it will rain on either of those two days. So, on Monday what are the odds of rain? Based off if it rained or not on Monday, what are the odds it rains on that Tuesday?

This is given that the odds of rain on any particular day in the month of March at this location is 5/31.


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I think prob for both would be multiplication and either is addition. But I am not 100% on the latter!!!