One-sample 't' statistic

I'm back :) This is my last stats assignment for this semester and I have a few questions that I'm not sure about. I'll post each one in a new thread (and please bear with me, I'm half-asleep!)


The one sample t statistic for testing

Ho: mu = 0
Ha: mu > 0

from a sample of n = 15 observations has the value t = 1.82

a) What are the degrees of freedom?
b) Give the two critical values t* from Table C that bracket t. What are the right-tail probabilities p for these two entries?
c) Between what two values does the P-value of the test fall?
d) Is the vaule t = 1.82 significant at the 5% level? Is it at the 1% level?

a) 14
b) 1.761 and 2.145
.05 and .025
c) .05 and .10 ?
d) 5% it is 1% it is not ?

Thanks in advance!