One variable influencing the other

Hey everyone!
I'm new to statistics and would really appreciate some help.
I have this one project, that I need to finish, and the objective of it is to see if one variable has any influence on the other. More precisely, I need to know if anxiety can influence the performance on tests (test anxiety).

My first question is: should I use Correlation in order to see if one of the variable really influences the other?

I would like to know which test I can use to obtain the significance level, since in my table I have 2 kinds of data that reflect the same thing (this can be seen on the image attached). I have tried using Spearman's rho and Crosstabs.

I hope my little explication was understandable.

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Hey again!

If none of you can help me, could you please indicate me other forums where i would pose this question?

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No statistical test alone will tell you if A influences B.
Claims about causality are a matter of the research
design (e.g. using experimental manipulations of
one variable in order to see whether this changes the
other variable).

Anyway, if you want to analyse whether
there is an association between anxiety and test score, then
the statistical analyses depend (amongst other) on the
scales on which your variables were measured, and on
the sample size. If anxiety or test achievement are ordinal
scaled, then a Spearman rank correlation could be
considered. If both are interval scaled and sample size is
not tiny, then a Pearson-correlation or a linear regression
analysis would be options. Regression would also permit
modeling more complex associations, e.g. if anxiety and
test performances are supposed to have an inverted U-shaped
relationship, then a regression model
performance = constant + b1*anxiety + b2*(anxiety*anxiety)+e
could be used to test this.

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