Online Biostatistics Course/Master's Degree


TS Contributor
If you want an actual online MS in stats or biostats check out:

University of Florida online MS in biostatistics
Texas A&M online MS in statistics
Penn State U online masters in applied statistics

The first two, I have heard are literally as if you were in the courses on campus but chose to watch the lectures from home. Assignments and exams are turned in via scanning a handwritten answer sheet and they're graded the same. Exams require a verified proctor as well (if I recall correctly).

The fees, of course, are for an actual, rigorous degree (in comparison to the little intro courses you find on line for "data scientists" aka someone with a coding background and no stats training; the clever statisticians will call themselves data scientists to keep with the hot trend, but their training is usually in more formal statistics from what I have seen (i.e. Hadley Wickham is a true statistician but markets himself appropriately for the hot buzzwords)).