Online Statistics Courses


TS Contributor
I am currently developing a series of 3 non-credit do-at-your-own-pace statistics courses that are designed for people who would like a low-pressure introduction to statistics before enrolling in an academic course, or for people who are looking for a casual review.

They should be available at by the end of this year, if not sooner.

Statistics Review 1 Now available!
Click here to see more detail or enroll: Statistics Review 1 Enrollment Page
"Descriptive Statistics and Probability"

Data and Variables
Organizing and Displaying Data
Descriptive Measures
Basic Probability
Probability Distributions

Statistics Review 2 (under development)
"Basic Statistical Inference"

Sampling and Sampling Distributions
Point Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Large and Small Sample Inference
Statistical Decisions (Type I and Type II errors)

Statistics Review 3 (under development)
"Advanced Statistical Inference"

Chi-Square Tests and Contingency Tables
1-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Post-hoc tests
Correlation / Regression
Selected Nonparametric Tests