Ordinal logistic regression or linear regression?

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Hi Guys, just wondering if I could have your help pls.

I have a sample size of 55 patients (of which 22 were subsequently diagnosed with Heart Failure, and 33 no Heart Failure) and I wish to answer "what predictors (factors) make heart failure more likely?

My predictor variables include:
-age (continuous)
-gender (categorical)
-high blood pressure (categorical yes/no)
-high cholesterol (categorical yes/no)
-previous heart attack (categorical yes/no)
-BNP value (continuous but coded as 0-unlikely HF, 1-likely HF, 2-very likely HF)

My Outcome variable is: Heart Failure

My query is:
1- what is the best form of regression to perform? ordinal logistic regression or linear regression
OR am I completely on the wrong track? Not done regression before

Many thanks
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