Oscar Kempthorne notes


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I recently received this email from our department chair and I thought I would share it with anybody interested. Essentially I recently came into possession of an electronic copiy of Oscar Kempthorne's linear models course. If anybody is interested I send me a PM and I can send you a link. The quality of the copy is readable but not the best but it's still interesting seeing the course notes from ~30 years ago.

The email I received:


Faculty, Students and Staff,

Dr. Ademir J. Petenate, who is at the University of Campinas and received his Ph.D. from Iowa State in 1983 under the direction of Professor Kempthorne, scanned the notes from Professor Kempthorne’s linear models class from thirty years ago and emailed them to me. Since I spoke about Professor Kempthorne at the seminar yesterday, I thought you might enjoy looking at them. I am open to suggestions about these notes might be preserved.
A note from Dr. Petenate is displayed below. The staff might appreciate the part about typing the notes on an IBM typewriter.

Every time Dr. Kempthorne taught the course he revised the notes and his secretary typed the notes on an IBM typewriter to be printed on a mimeograph based on alcohol (it seems I am talking of an era that is centuries ago!). Well, I decided to scan the notes and prepare a pdf file with them. The result was quite O.K. and I am sending it to you. Maybe the students would like to see how the class notes were prepared in the past. Of course, the richness’ of the material is unquestionable (at least for me that had the privilege to work with such a wonderful person).