Our two sets of FAQ's


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Hi Quark and everyone else,

I've been thinking about we have two sets of "FAQ's" on our forum.

The first set is linked to in the tabs at the top of the forum interface. It seems to be a fairly generic FAQ for using a forum like this one - i.e. how to post, use private messages, change settings etc.

The other set of FAQ's are a sub-forum with posts by members about statistics in specific.

Might it be possible to change the links around a bit so that the two FAQ sets are more clearly differentiated? (And also so that the statistics FAQ's are a bit easier to find?) Maybe we could have two tabs at the top of the forum - "Forum use FAQ's" and "Statistics FAQ's" or something like that? What do people think? :)


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This was a while ago but never received a response. I just cleared some spam from this thread so I figured I'd give it a bump. BUMP.
Thanks. How about removing the link to the generic FAQ, or modify the link so the FAQ points to the statistics FAQ. The generic FAQ doesn't seem all that useful.