Outlier analysis in CFA - Generalized Cook's Distance

Hello everybody,
I'm running a cfa with the correlated factors and 14 indicator variables in R.
For my multivariate outlier analysis I chose Generalized Cook's Distance.
The result is: 10 outliers with a range from 1 to 50.

To be honest my problem is that I have no idea
1. how to interprete those values (the only information i found in connection with CFA, that the smaller, the better, which does not really help me)
2. how to deal with them: What criteria exist to decide what to do with them? And what are the possibilities? Simply delete? (it must not be the most modern and complex way, for me it would be more important, that it's possible for me as a absolute statistical as well as "R Studio" Greenhorn, to run and interprete it properly.)

I am really helpless at the moment and don't know how to continue my analysis.
As you may see from my questions, I am really not used to working with statistics and my comprehension seems to be pretty narrow.
I would be so thankful, if anybody could help me,