I'd like to ask you a question about some data I have. I have measured the expression of a gene under different conditions. For each condition the sample size is equal to 3. However, in one condition, the standard deviation is larger than the mean value. The values of the 3 samples are the following: 6.95E-04 , 1.47E-03 and 1.36E-02. Do you think I can say that I can treat one of the values as an outlier and remove it? I was thinking to remove the 1.36E-02 value. However, as sample size is only 3, I will only be left with 2 values. Will I be able to perform statistical analysis afterwards (I want to perform ANOVA and a t-test)? Or do you think I could present the data as is, with the standard deviation larger than the mean?

Thank you!